DeOro owns a modern infrastructure, with last-generation technology, integral information systems which permit to optimize the manufacturing processes and the efficient corporate management in general.

The main Jewel manufacturing plant located in Lima is fully equipped with modern Italian machinery and technology:

  • Continuous casting furnaces and heat treatment ovens in controlled atmosphere.
  • Equipment for casting.
  • Stamping machines.
  • Tubing machines.
  • Equipment for welding production.
  • Automated chain-making machines.
  • Equipment to produce spirals in different profiles.
  • Diamond cut machines.
  • Galvanic equipment for gold plating, antitanishing and rhodium finishing.
  • Refinery, which allows recycling gold and silver, facilitating the fast recovery with the consequent improvement in the productivity.
  • In addition DeOro has a tool making department to prepare stamping dies, guides and templates among others for jewel assembly

Other facilities:

  • DeOro owns an additional plant in Ica, a city located in the south of Lima.
  • Integral information system.
  • Chemical analysis laboratory.
  • Department of new products developments.

Jr. Producción Nacional 185, Urb. La Villa - Chorrillos, Lima - Perú
Teléfonos: (511) 251-5945 / (511) 251-5947